Friday, August 3, 2012

our holiday

We arrived back from our holiday last night after spending 11 nights on the south island of New Zealand. 

Here are some of our photos......

This photo is somewhere between Christchurch and Queenstown on our second day. It was taken from the window of our campervan, that we hired, as we travelled along. 

The gondola in Queenstown. It is a lot steeper than it looks.

The view of Queenstown from the top of the gondola.

 The gondola again.

 Nig and I on the way into Queenstown.

 Josh and Brad ready to hit the slopes on the Remarkable Mountains.

 Josh and then Brad on the travelator that took them from the bottom of the slope to the top.

The cafe and coffee shop where I spent some time while the boys snowboarded.

 Me with Brad's snowboard.

The campervan, we hired, in a caravan park in Queenstown. 

A gorgeous church in Queenstown.

Mmmmmm........this sounds interesting.

Me with the mulled wine. The view above is out to the side of where I'm sitting.

Our van and some of the beautiful scenery.

The 'Blue Pools" between Lake Wanaka and Haast.

Franz  Joseph Glacier.

Waterfalls on the way to the glacier.

A beautiful rock wall on the way to the glacier.

These are just some of our photos. The south island of New Zealand is full of natural beauty. It is a place we hope to visit again one day. 


  1. Welcome back, looked like a magic holiday. I love south island, did a similar trip in campervan and loved it. Snow looks good. Hope you are feeling refreshed after your break!:)

  2. Wow. I have heard New Zealand is beautiful, it is on my places to visit day.

    Looks like you had a lovely time. Welcome back!

    1. Thanks Kim. Yes, New Zealand is beautiful. From pictures, it reminds me of your beautiful Canada. We hope to go there one day too.

  3. Oh wow, Julie! What amazing scenery. You lucky ducks:) So glad you had a wonderful time away. That mulled wine looks delish. I've got the viral thing that Lewi's got. It's horrid! Can't believe how sick we've been this year since that dreaded whooping cough. This one is a shocker. Knocks you out for days. Frist day on the computer today - so lovely to see that you're all home safe and sound and happy. Looking forward to chat and catch up soon, I hope. When we are better and the house is painted. Agh! xx

    1. We look forward to it Kim. Hope you are feeling better. xxoo

  4. Very beautiful - us Aussies often don't realise what lies just over the pond there. Lots of inspiration for us to find out!

  5. Julie your holiday looks like lots of fun for all of you and those photos you took are stunning, what a special holiday you got to go on as a family and great memories you've now created. Welcome back home. x

    1. Thank you Catherine. Creating great memories and connecting with each other is exactly why we went on this holiday. Have a great week. xxoo

  6. Welcome back! Wow! Photos are stunning! How picturesque! I've done NZ north island but not south! Will now add this to the many places I hope to one day go. Hope it was a brilliant and nourishing trip Julie xxxx