Thursday, August 23, 2012

garden notes

Things are starting to liven up for me in the area of vege gardening at the moment as spring is on its way.

I thought I'd share a few gardening links with you:

* I just found this blog today by Nicola Chatham. Nicola has some free giveaways on her blog too: an ebook, a video and weekly newsletters.

The Witches Kitchen: is full of gardening tips and recipes.

ABC Gardening Vege Guide: I use this one to work out what to plant when. It also gives tips for planting. 

This week I am planting GREEN LEAFY vegetables. I also bought another half wine barrel which is sitting on the other side of our back door. In it I have planted one spinach plant and some parsley, rocket and spring onion seed. Hopefully it will go just as well as the other wine barrel garden that you can see above.

What else is happening:

-the lavender plants are bursting into flower

-we picked our first head of broccoli, above. The first one I have ever managed to grow, organically of course. Usually I plant broccoli seeds in spring which are eaten by caterpillars as they grow. This one was planted in autumn when the white moths were dwindling in number. Next autumn I will plant a lot more. 

Happy gardening. 

xxoo Julie


  1. Yipee on your first head of broccoli!! I bet it tasted soooo good - something you nutured in your own garden always tastes so much better. Love the wine barrel gardens too.

    1. Yes, the broccoli was delicious. We had some raw and some cooked. So much nicer than bought.

  2. Yah! Broccoli!!! I've not had much luck with it in the past either, Julie. I remember being at your place and looking at your growing chart to find I was planting it at the wrong time of year! So pleased it worked for you.
    Look forward to seeing more garden photos:) x PS Hope Brad's foot is healing up well xxx

    1. Thanks Kim. I will be definitely be posting more garden photos. xxoo