Monday, August 13, 2012

growing gratitude

Today I am grateful for:

*the lovely weekend we had visiting family and celebrating my sister in laws 40th birthday. 

*our local doctor's surgery for fitting Brad in today and for the x-ray place for doing an x-ray on his foot straight away. 

*our local Plaster Centre, that they can plaster Brad's foot tomorrow afternoon as our doctor requested. 

*Brad. He injured his foot on Friday night not long after arriving at his auntie's home. He spent the whole weekend a lot quieter than he planned and he hasn't complained once. Thank you. 

*being home again.

*August, the month that we begin planting ready for spring. I can't wait. I have been inspired so much by my blogging friends in the northern hemisphere during their spring and summer. I can't wait to get some seeds planted and my hands in the beautiful dirt. 

I hope you have a fantastic week. 


Linking up with Lisa at Hullabaloo Homestead  for 'growing gratitude.' 

Lisa says:

.:Beauty and simplicity surround us all the time and are things that I try to embrace as often as I can slow down to see. Every Monday I will be posting…a “growing gratitude” post. Basking in our own state of gratitude as well as the gratitude of others always seems uplifting to me. Plus, I always love a good positive start to the beginning of each week. I will put a Mr. Linky at the end of each week’s post in hopes that some of you may want to join in this mindfulness journey with me. You can formulate your own posts however you want to…lots of pictures, or none; lots of thoughts, or maybe just one profound one. The main gist is to share whatever you are feeling grateful for in your life…right now; here and now; in the present. I’ve included a button as well, so if you’re interested, you can grab a button and link back to each week’s post. So let’s begin, shall we?:.


  1. Oh no, hope everything heals up quickly with Brad's foot, not fun!

    And yay for planting and getting ready for spring. So funny that we are harvesting and canning, getting ready for winter :)

    Enjoy your day Julie.

  2. Poor brad hope his foot heals quickly. Not much fun for busy boys. Happy planting!:) nx