Sunday, July 1, 2012

blanket + sunshine = happiness

It is a beautiful, sunny winter's day here today. I took my blanket outside into the sunshine. I lay down on my blanket, soaking up the warmth. I let my body relax. I slowed my breathing and concentrated on this for a few minutes. I repeated a mantra, let go, let go. I relaxed into my blanket, into the soft grass underneath. Relax, relax. It felt so good just laying there and letting go. 

After a while I did some gentle stretching. Stretching whatever parts of my body I felt like stretching. Stretching gently, letting go. It felt good.

While out there on my blanket I did some thinking. Why do we feel guilty when we take some time out for ourselves? Some of us spend our days giving to our children. Some of us spend our days at work, giving to others and to our job. Some people do both. Sometimes we give and give until there is nothing left.

The thing is, we also need to give to ourselves. We are also important. We need to be happy and healthy so we can give to others. We need to be happy and healthy so we can have a happy and healthy life.

Think of yourself as a rechargeable battery. When the battery has run out of charge, it is flat, it has nothing more to give. It needs to be recharged so that it has more energy.YOU also need time to recharge. You also need to recharge so you can give some of your energy to others. 

Everyday it is important to recharge YOUR battery. Everyday it is important to do something for YOURSELF  that makes YOU feel good. 

It doesn't need to cost money. It might be sitting outside on a blanket in the sun. You can do this while watching your children play. It might be reading a magazine or a book while your children play in a sandpit. It might be going for a walk while your partner watches the children. It might be lighting a candle, having a nice hot cup of tea or a bath. It doesn't matter whether you do it alone or with your children playing around you or watching TV. The important thing is that you do something that makes you feel good. Do it daily. You'll be surprised at how the littlest thing can make you feel so good.

xxoo Much love, Julie xxoo


  1. Great post Julie and I couldn't agree more. We were fortunate enough to have some lovely warm sunshine today so after reading this post I did just as you suggested and sat outside in the sun with a book in lap. It was just what I needed to recharge my battery and I intend to try and do something for myself each day for the rest of the coming week. I figure if I start making a conscious effort it will soon become a habit :)

  2. Good on you Tammi. Thank you for your lovely comments. You've made my day. Have a great week. xxoo

  3. Sitting outside at this time of year, on a cosy blanket in the winter sun has to be the best ever thing to do. So glad you got to enjoy the sunshine, Julie xxx

  4. Julie you are so right we needn't feel guilty about giving to ourselves if we don't then it affects so many parts of us, our health, our mind and body. It is those simple little things like being outdoors and getting some sun that can make all the difference to our inner health. I'm glad you had some time to recharge and feel good inside. x

  5. I'm in total agreeance with you Julie, the simple little things in life can make you feel amazing & it's so important to take that time out & do what ever makes you feel good & listen to your body. I had a blissful day yesterday at a yoga festival. I did feel guilty to be away from the family on a Sunday (which we do treasure as our day together), but I so needed it & came home feeling on top of the world. Loving the sunshine also here in Brisbane!:) Nx

  6. Yes, it's so true about the little things Julie. They truly do make a difference especially at this time of year! I think we could all do with a little more sun. Even a coffee with ten minutes of peace helps me to re-charge.

  7. Beautiful post! I do love sunshine on a winter's day! And I so need a recharge right now - thank you for the reminder! Fingers crossed for some gentle yoga while my babies sleep today xx