Friday, November 16, 2012

my number one tip

My biggest, hugest, most enormous tip would have to be.......

to tackle your goal in 'baby steps'.

Whether it's the:

washing up

pile of laundry waiting to be put away

mess in your cupboard

weight you want to lose

healthy changes to your diet

healthy changes to your lifestyle



business you want to begin.

Just begin. 

Make one baby step towards that goal you want to reach. 

You might set your timer for 10 mins. and work on one step for this time. You might start on one shelf. You might make one small change to your diet or lifestyle.

All it takes is one baby step, followed by another and another and another. 

Work at your own pace, not the pace of the lady over the road.

I know. I've done it. It works.

Reward yourself for accomplishing these small, baby steps. Have a soak in the tub, read some of your book, go for a walk outside, have a rest, you deserve it. 

Decluttering a whole cupboard might seem overwhelming. You might feel like you haven't got time. Just do one shelf. Tomorrow, do another shelf and the next day another. In a few days your whole cupboard will be tidy. 


"It is possible

to move a mountain

by carrying away small stones. "

Chinese Proverb

My small stones this weekend will be studying and decluttering. 

Do you have any small stones that you'll be working on?

Wishing you health and happiness. 

xxoo Julie


  1. Hi Kim,
    We find ourselves at the computer at the same time again! xxoo

  2. What is that saying, the longest journey begins with just one step? So true - and I've experienced that feeling of overwhelmedness that leads to procrastination! Have a great weekend :)

    1. Me too! Hope you have a great weekend too. xxoo

  3. Hi Julie,
    What timely advice for me. I have felt so what overwhelmed lately with organising the house and trying to exercise and eat healthy. I am certainly going to try and put into practice what you have blogged about today. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Good luck Hayley. Be kind to yourself. You're on the right track. xxoo

  4. oops sorry one of the words should have read "somewhat"

  5. Julie,
    I love this! So true! It's so easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture - "x" amount of weight to lose or a big project in the house or a mountain of clothes that need to be folded. Baby steps. Thank you.

  6. I agree. I tend to get overwhelmed thus not doing anything but baby steps and timers always seem to help.