Tuesday, November 6, 2012

22 things that make me happy

I have just finished cleaning our toilet and when I had finished I realised how happy it made me feel. I lit our oil burner and placed it on the toilet floor. The lovely smell of essential oils  (clary sage today) drifted through our home. 

I began thinking about happiness and the fact that it doesn't cost much money to make me happy.

I then began thinking about what else makes me happy. Here are 22 things that do:

A freshly cleaned room or bench space.

Lighting a candle or oil burner and thinking about what I am grateful for.

A hug.

Reading a good book.

A hot cup of dandelion tea first thing in the morning.

A smoothie with cacao and a little bit of honey.


Changing things around in our home.



Comments from you.

A glass of filtered water.

Walking on the beach.

Watching a movie.


A healthy, home cooked meal.

Connecting with like minded people. (that's you!)

Time with my family.

A cup of tea with a friend.

Planting seeds and watching them grow.

Relaxing in the bath.

Swimming in the ocean.

These are 20  things that make me happy.

What makes you happy? Could you write a few in the comments section, please?

I'm hoping your day is a happy one.

I bought this Bush Flower Essences bottle from our local Health Food shop and used the spray in the toilet. When it was empty we filled it with eucalyptus oil. It's a low cost toilet spray that doesn't harm the environment. 

xxoo Julie


  1. Wonderful things that make you happy Julie. Time with family, good food, hot tea, time in nature, connecting with like minded people, hugs and cuddles from my little man, quiet time at night with my hubby, a little knitting and time to read all make me happy. And I can't forget a soak in the tub.

    Have a lovely week.

  2. I love your 22 things - I can relate to quite a few of them. I keep a happiness journal where I write down things that make me happy because there are just so many! I find they are mostly free or of very little cost too.

  3. I love coming by your space Julie, you are always so calm and positive and always make me smile. Two things that make me happy would have to be baking healthy treats for my family and seeing how much they enjoy eating them. And reading inspirational books, ones that make me feel happy and inspired to change my outlook on aspects of my life. Like the saying goes the best things in life are free, I think they are right, simple things make me happy too. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. x

    1. Thank you Catherine. You have just made me very happy. xxoo

  4. Love this Julie! I can relate! Things that make me happy are time to meditate, journalling, laughter, weekends with no plans, making my bed, cuddles with my babies and watching my little ones when they're not watching me xx

    1. Sounds lovely Elisa. Weekends with no plans sounds just perfect. xxoo

  5. A lovely list of simplicities...very inspiring