Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bernie Siegel

Hi everyone. I am currently on 'holidays' but I needed to bring my iPad with me to do some study. I have just listened to a lecture by Bernie Seigel. He is totally awesome. So if you want to do something nice for yourself today, go to: I hope you enjoy exploring his site. Bernie says 'there is nothing more important in life than LOVE. I agree. Hope you are happy and well. Take care. Lots of love, Julie xxoo


  1. How's the holiday going, Julie? I bet it's beautiful over there. So lovely that you're able to still post here while you're away. Makes you feel so much closer:) xxx

  2. Thanks Kim. We're having a lovely time. The boys have gone off snow boarding for the day. I am having a quiet day in the van studying. I am planning on going for a walk after lunch to enjoy the sunshine and look at the beautiful views. I must take the camera. Take care. Hope everything is going well with your building work. Lots of love, Julie xxoo