Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gardening - Recipe - Exercise

We are saving our milk cartons at the moment, cutting the tops and bottoms off them and then planting seeds in them. Three or four seeds are going into each one. The best seedling will then be kept and the weaker ones cut off. When strong enough they will go in the ground as is, the carton will be lifted slightly which acts as a barrier from snails and unfavorable weather. As the seedlings get bigger the carton will carefully be slid out.

The seedlings in the wine barrel are growing well.

Last nights dinner, Vegetarian Lasagne. Into the blender goes tomatoes (skin included), leeks, garlic, broccoli, grated pumpkin, kale, parsley and tomato paste. Once blended fussy eaters do not know all the goodness they are eating.  A win for mum. I also put legumes in but I don't blend these. We also have this sauce over pasta. Yum.

Josh and I have been having a lovely time outside this week. I rake up horse manure, he rides our pony around. I love this kind of exercise as it's productive as well.

Milo (the pony) "Do you have any more apple for me Josh?" She is such a funny thing, full of character.

I have been putting the horse manure around our citrus trees. Two to go, then it's the apple trees and finally the vege garden.

I loved this post over at Feather and Nest today. Kellie's comment about her favorite feathering things being her children,, and the reasons for this, bought a tear to my eye and reminded me about the most important things in my husband and children. They are so precious to me. Thank you so much guys for being in my life. I love you with all my heart always. xxoo

Monday, May 28, 2012

"It is possible to move a mountain

 by carrying away small stones."    Chinese Proverb

This is my quote for the week.  I'm putting it up around the house as a reminder.

Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed at all the things I need, and I want, to accomplish, so I'm putting this up as a reminder this morning. One stone at a time. One step at a time. Baby steps.

Setting my intentions for the day. Working mindfully. Breathing. Pausing. Remembering what is important. Reminding myself of this quote.

Also remembering this quote by Rhonda Hetzel:

"Housework never ends, so don't try to finish it."

What I don't get done can always be done tomorrow. Just let it be. Let it go.

Have a lovely week.

xxoo Julie

Sunday, May 27, 2012

This Past Week

 Josh having a chat with Milo our pony....

Brad relaxing in our hammock...

 Nige, Brad and Josh playing basketball....

The boys hard at work....

More basketball with a friend....

Bike riding...



 The front of our home....

Autumn tree next door.....

 A bonfire at mum and dad's last night.....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Confession

I have a confession......

 I am not good at keeping up with the housework and being organized in our home. It is not that I'm lazy, I would just rather be doing other things. I would rather be spending time with my husband and kids. I would rather be studying, yes, studying. I would prefer to be out walking, gardening, baking, making healthy meals, visiting friends and family.

So there you have it. I admit it. I am not good at housework and staying organized in our home. Every now and again I get in there and have a good tidy up, usually before visitors arrive, but then I get sick of it and things start to build up again. I bring clothes in from the line and put them on the lounge. Things get left laying around. Paperwork piles up. I will have a big day in the kitchen and then have heaps of washing up to do at night. Sometimes the washing piles up. Our home isn't unhygienic, it's just the little tidying up details that get out of hand. I have been trying to ignore this. I generally turn a blind eye and pretend it doesn't bother me, but it actually does.

 In my course with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition  I'm learning a lot about health and happiness. I am becoming more in touch with myself and the things that make me healthy and happy. There are things I do well, like making healthy meals, but there are also things I want to work on, things I want to improve. That first thing is the tidiness and organization in our home.

 So, I've got myself a little journal and I'm writing things down. Every morning I'm writing down my goals for the day. Things like the washing, going for a walk, keeping the kitchen tidy, the washing up done, bringing the clothes in from the line and putting them away. They are just little things, but they are things that will help me keep on top of everything. Things that will help me to feel more organized. I am starting out small, with little things, and I'll build on my list as I go. Baby steps. I find that when making changes, baby steps are important. If we try to make huge changes in one go we set ourselves up to fail. Baby steps, one small step at a time. I'm setting myself up to succeed.

 Anyway, enough chatting, I'm off to begin on my little list.
 xxoo Julie

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rachael Leahcar

We are loving the performances by this gorgeous young lady on The Voice. She is awesome. She is also legally blind. What an inspiration!!!

Please ignore the short ad at the beginning.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Goodbye Microwave Hello New Shelf

As part of my course with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition I have been doing some reading about the dangers of microwave ovens. It is important not to believe everything you read, to look at WHO has conducted the study and then to make up your own mind, to trust your gut instinct. 

The Institute of Integrative Nutrition refers their students to these articles:

Microwave Hazards by Anthony Wayne and Lawrence Newell 

After reading these articles I decided to get rid of our microwave oven. I have never been 100% comfortable in using it and these articles confirmed my fears. This left me with the perfect space for some cookbooks.