Thursday, July 5, 2012

yarn along

On the knitting front I'm still knitting dishcloths in cotton yarn.

Yesterday the postie was very kind. He delivered the book AND the magazines I ordered. I have only read a couple of pages of 'Everyday Blessings' so can't comment yet. However looking at it as I walk past makes me feel good. I love the title and the front cover.

I wasn't sure about ordering Taproot. I wondered how relevant it would be to me, here in Australia, but on first glance it seems to be relevant to anyone interested in the simple life. I love the front covers. I love the pictures. I haven't read anything yet except for the publisher's letter and he has certainly drawn me in.

Jason Miller (publisher) writes that within the magazine's pages are "the seeds of a revolution." " is the kind of revolution that's happening in people's homes, backyards and neighborhoods. People are taking stock of what's really important in life. They're reviving the skills of their grandparents like gardening and canning, sewing and knitting. They're meeting neighbors and creating community."

There is no advertising in the magazine either. So far I'm really impressed with it.


Some pages from Taproot magazine.

This last picture wouldn't co-operate. It should be sideways (landscape). 


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  1. I have seen Taproot floating around and have been tossing up whether to order it or not..please let me know what you think Julie :)
    I have plans to knit more dishcloths soon, once a few other projects are out of the way.

  2. I will let you know soon Tammi. I'm planning on doing a bit of reading on the weekend.
    Have fun with your knitting. xxoo

  3. Oooh, the postie has been so kind to you, Julie:) I've seen Taproot on another blog, maybe Tania's???, and thought it looked nice. Let us know what you think as I might just need to grab me a copy too. Same with the parenting one - I like the sound of mindful parenting, as you know:) x

  4. What a wonderful delivery. I am really interested in your book, please share more as you read.

    Enjoy Taproot, we love it here :)

  5. Everyday Blessings looks like a read I would love! I will check it out! Thanks Julie x

    1. So far I'm really enjoying it Elisa. If you check it out on Amazon I think you can see the contents etc. xxoo

  6. I've really enjoyed Taproot so far too. It's one of the few magazines I've read cover to cover. I used to really enjoy Frankie magazine but I'm going to stop buying that due to the heavy advertising and just not being so interested in it anymore, so I think this is a good replacement. Would love to hear more about that book too.