Friday, November 9, 2012

a yoga class

Last night I went to my first yoga class in about......20 years.

I have been doing a bit of yoga at home during these years, but I felt the need to begin attending classes again.

It felt good, really good.

I was a little nervous because I didn't know the instructor or anyone that was going.

I had seen a couple of signs up, at the shops, so I called the phone number to see if there was room for me, and there was.

The instructor was so lovely.

The class is only about 1 km from my house which is quite amazing as I live out of town. I really felt like the Universe was trying to tell me, you need to go to this class!

It was a big success and I'll be back next week.

Sometimes it really pays to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'.

My new purple yoga mat is sitting up proudly in our living room.


xxoo Julie


  1. I love yoga too - we don't have classes out here (I'm reluctant to attend them anyhow, being a bit shy about doing it publicly) but I have a DVD that I do every morning I can. It just makes a person feel so much more awake and clear, doesn't it? So glad the universe nudged you and it was right there :D

    1. I have some yoga DVDs too and some books. They are great when you can't get to a class. xxoo

  2. Good for you and so glad you enjoyed it. I had a very regular at home practice for years before my little man arrived, but that has since changed and I have found myself looking at class schedules to see what works. The hardest part is that they are all at least 30 minutes away, some things are harder when you live out of town.

    1. Hope you find a way to get some yoga back into your day soon Kim. Good luck. xxoo