Thursday, November 1, 2012

Calling all mums/moms who are working from home!

Today I am visiting Kim at the lovely Feather and Nest. Once a month, on her blog, Kim visits someone in their nest/home and today it's me. If you'd like to take a look go on over to Kim's at Feather and Nest.

As a result of doing this guest post with Kim, and I've got to tell you it was fun, I've decided to start doing a little guest posting on my own blog. The topic is going to be about mums/moms working from home. I want to know things like "How they combine motherhood with working from home?" This will be me next year and I'm hoping they can give me a few tips.

So, if you are a mum/mom working from home and you'd like to be included in one of my guest posts, or if you know of anyone who is, please contact me at and I'll be in touch with you soon. I am keen to meet mums/moms from all over the world who are doing this. As well as getting some tips, I think it is a lovely way to build community and to support each other on our journey.

NOTE: I know that all mums, who are at home, are working a lot of the time, but in this particular case I'm looking at paid work. It may be your own business or you may be working for someone else.

Have a beautiful day lovely people. Thanks for joining me in this little space of mine. I love having you here with me. 

Much love,

xxoo Julie


  1. I popped over and it was a lovely interview, thanks for sharing :)

  2. It was such fun, Julie. Thanks for being a part of The Guest Nest. can't wait to read your monthly feature. Lots of fun, this blogging gig, don't you think? xxx