Saturday, November 24, 2012


Today I just needed to leave my never-ending mental list of jobs at home and to hit the beach. The beach has been calling me for a while and I've been ignoring it, but today I decided to just take a break and go. It was very windy, but good anyway. Just feeling the sand under my feet and paddling in the water......sweet, sweet, bliss. I'm pleased I took some time out to go.

You can see how windy it was by my hair. I'm feeling very brave including such a closeup of my wrinkly 45 year old face. They're laughter lines actually. However, there are no secrets here, it's all real! And, as Louise Hay says, we need to love ourselves just the way we are. 

And a heart, just for YOU!

After the beach I hit the shops for a little retail shopping, including some Christmas presents. Actually it was just one shop and this was followed by an ice cream. Yum!

Now, I'm back at home feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

What have you been up to today?

xxoo Julie


  1. oh the beach, there is no better place to restore the spirit. Glad that you enjoyed it. Thankyou for sharing the photos of yourself too, why are we so afraid to show ourselves and why do we need to appologise for how we look? I too, am guilty of this...but often question why, what is the message that I'm giving to my children? That to be real means I'm not good enough? That I need to look young and fresh and new to be good enough? hmm best climb down from my soap box ....

    cheers Kate

  2. Julie, you look gorgeous! You have hardly got any wrinkles - and I know you IRL so I know what you really look like! Those lines near your eyes are because you are smiling and you smile a lot. They are not wrinkles:) xxx

  3. How lucky that you are so close to the beach. Sounds like a wonderful day.

    You are beautiful!

    1. Yes Kim, I feel very grateful that we live where we do.

      Thank you and so are you. xxoo