Wednesday, November 7, 2012

YOU make me happy ~ THANK YOU!!!!

A little visitor we had this morning. Photo by Josh

Yesterday I wrote a post 22 things that make me happy.

Do you want to know what makes me really, really happy? It's YOU!

YOU make me so, so happy.

The people that turn up to read my posts.

The people that sign up to my blog to follow by email.

The people that write comments.

Especially the people that write kind, positive comments.

To you, I want to say a really, really big THANK YOU!

You make my day.

You encourage and inspire me to have this blog, to follow my dream, my passion.

My dream is to help people create health and happiness in themself, their family and their home.

It is because of you, my readers, that my dream has become reality.

So today I'm sending you a big hug, lots of love, a smile and the biggest THANK YOU that you can possibly imagine.

THANK YOU for making my dream come true!!!

xxoo Julie


  1. No, thank you!!! For turning up here and posting lovely posts and sharing your life with us xxxx

  2. Thank you too Julie. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us and always being inspiring. xx

  3. Thank you Julie!! I love your space and love coming here.

  4. It makes me happy to know YOU! xoxo