Monday, September 24, 2012

my mood board

My mood board, for me, is all about inspiration and motivation. It is how I want to live my life. It is all about being healthy, happy, joyful, having love in my life, living my dreams, eating healthy, being grateful, flowers, gardening and bringing fresh produce in from the garden, exercise, candles, going to the beach, yoga, meditation, becoming a Certified Health Coach and I have added one more word, nature, to remind me to get outside into nature every day. So these pictures are reminders for me. I have it hanging near the kitchen so I can see it while I work. 

Happy Monday.

I hope your week is a lovely one.

xxoo love Julie


  1. Good on you, Julie. It's nice to have those reminders infront of us everyday. You know I'm a mood board kind of girl;) xx

  2. Beautiful mood board - I hope it inspires you each and every day to live the life you want.

  3. Beautiful! Love your inspiration Julie. Now that we're in the new house and almost unpacked, I want to create a new vision/mood/inspiration board too xx