Thursday, September 6, 2012

lavender and vegetable seedlings in early spring

As you can see I love lavender and I love taking photos of it. Lavender is so calming. It is very windy here at the moment and pollen is filling the air. I have lavender oil in our oil burners to help bring some calm. I love spring, but for me, with spring comes hayfever. The lavender oil helps me to be calm. I inhale the scent and remember to breathe, slow breaths, slow calming breaths. Thank you lavender for your healing properties.

A little kale seedling.

Some rocket seedlings.

Spring onions.

I love watching seeds pop out of the ground. I love going out each morning and during the day to check on them. I am amazed at how each little seed grows into something different. The wonders of nature. I never tire of it. It fills me with happiness.

The second wine barrel I bought. It sits beside our back door with the rocket, spring onions and spinach seedling. In front of the spinach are parsley seeds, but they haven't come up yet.

Celery seedlings ready to go in the ground. I'm waiting for this wind to go away. They are protected here on our back veranda. I wish they could stay here.

Happy spring to those of you in the southern hemisphere.

I hope my northern hemisphere friends are enjoying your last days of summer.

To all of you, hope your days are full of health and happiness. Love you all. Thanks for reading. I am so grateful to each and every one of you.  xxoo Julie


  1. So much beauty in your photos today. Enjoy!

  2. I didn't know lavender could look that gorgeous! I'm so grateful it's Spring - was a long winter for us! Wishing you a beautiful weekend Julie x

  3. I'm also a lover of lavender. We have it growing in the yard. Plus I love to burn it in my oil burners and a few drops on my pillow at night, for a good night sleep. Enjoy your spring weekend. Beautiful weather here in sunny Brisbane:) nx

    1. Thanks Nicole. Hope you have a lovely weekend too. xxoo

  4. Hi Julie, just found your blog from Nicola Chatham. We're waiting for our kale seedlings to appear and have just planted tomatoes. And I wish my lavender looked like yours. I have several pots but they all look terrible, and I've never seen them flower!