Sunday, September 16, 2012

decluttering, cleaning, rearranging

After a beautiful morning having breakfast on the beach and watching my boys surf it was time for a bit of decluttering, cleaning and rearranging. 

While doing this my mum and dad arrived with a beautiful bunch of Warratah flowers. They bought them at the markets. Thanks mum and dad. Feel free to do this anytime. I love them. xxoo

Josh, Brad and I surprised Nige with this new surf board during the week. He had been eyeing it off for a while and it was on sale. We had given him some money to buy one for his birthday in February and he hadn't done it. He was very, very happy. It sits in the main part of our home, of course. 

So does Josh's board. Brad keeps his in his bedroom.

Some surfing mags.

Some sailing mags.

A bit of prettiness and rusticness for me.

Some books on display to help keep me on track.

Our beach basket. This gets filled with beach towels, flippers, snorkel and goggles ready for the warm weather.

Country Style mags. I love them.

This is how it all fits together....the front section of our home.

 After all that cleaning up and redecorating  it was time for a little bit of relaxation. Some afternoons, when it isn't too hot, I spread this blanket out near the front door and do some yoga, some study or some journal writing, or all three if I'm lucky. This spot gets the afternoon sun and it's very cosy on a not too hot day.

This is my new journal. Sorry about the sideways photo. It had a blank area at the top so that you can could create your own cover. I glued a picture on there from my Country Style Diary and put contact on it. I can picture myself on this veranda. It is the veranda of my dream house. A timber cottage with a timber veranda and timber floorboards.

Hope you are having a happy weekend. 

Much love,

xxoo Julie


  1. Love the flowers, absolutely gorgeous. You are inspiring me to start decluttering my home. Enjoy reading your blog. Hayley

    1. Thank you so much Hayley. I will be decluttering here with you. I still have a lot to go. I feel so much better when it's done though, so it's worth the effort. xxoo