Friday, October 19, 2012

tacos and nachos

Last nights dinner, tacos for the boys and nachos for me.

In this little family of mine, the boys and my husband eat meat, but I don't. For a while we ate vegetarian meals only, but the three men in the family really craved meat. In my studies I have learnt that food is an individual thing. Food that suits one person may not suit another. 

As a result, I cook meals with meat in it for the boys every two or three days and the rest of the time we go vegetarian. This won't work for every family, but it works for us. 

Last night the boys had tacos. I browned the mince and blended a can of tomatoes with a little bit of celery and spinach. I then added the blended tomatoes to the mince and simmered it for a while. This allows some of the water from the tomatoes to evaporate off and the mixture thickens. I then added some organic tomato sauce. After heating taco shells, spoon some of the meat mixture into the shells and add a little bit of cheese, grated carrot and lettuce. This is a great way to get kids to eat more salad. 

For my nachos, I put some organic cornchips on an oven proof plate and sprinkled some cheese over the top. This went into the oven to melt the cheese. After removing from the oven I put layers of salad ingredients over the top, lettuce, rocket, grated carrot, capsicum, cucumber, parsley. This was served with sour cream and salsa. 

Two meals, one with meat, one vegetarian. Both meals based around salad. It wasn't difficult, but it catered to two different eating styles. 


  1. Yum! Love nachos/tacos! I do the two meal thing here too - two of us gluten-free and two not! Xx