Monday, July 16, 2012

growing gratitude

Right now I AM:

~ very grateful to Rhonda Hetzel at Down to Earth blog. Rhonda mentioned my blog as part of her post on suggested weekend reading. Thanks to Rhonda I had many new visitors to my blog on the weekend. A couple of new people left comments on my blog and I received some lovely emails. Thank you Rhonda and thank you to the people who visited.

~ feeling thankful for all the washing and cleaning I did on the weekend. Not the nicest way to spend the weekend, however it's a great start to the week.

~ homemade bread served with butter and honey or soup.

~ winter flowers

 ~ all the lemons on our tree

~ more winter flowers

~ the beautiful blue skies we're having.

 ~ relieved the plovers have left. Two plovers made this nest (below) in our front paddock. We were happy to SHARE our three acres with them, but they took over the lot. I know they were just being good parents by protecting their four eggs, but they were here for about 4 weeks. Every time we stepped outside they would screech and swoop us. Every time I went outside to hang washing on the line they would swoop me. The same when the boys wanted to play outside. I couldn't do any gardening. On Friday or Saturday the eggs hatched. Sunday they moved on, this new little family of six. Off they all waddled, out the front gate and away. Such peace now in the yard. Thank you.

~ grateful to my hubby and boys for collecting wood for our fire.

Linking up with Lisa at Hullabaloo Homestead  for 'growing gratitude.' Due to the time difference Lisa's post should be there tonight or tomorrow morning Australia time.

Lisa says:

.:Beauty and simplicity surround us all the time and are things that I try to embrace as often as I can slow down to see. Every Monday I will be posting…a “growing gratitude” post. Basking in our own state of gratitude as well as the gratitude of others always seems uplifting to me. Plus, I always love a good positive start to the beginning of each week. I will put a Mr. Linky at the end of each week’s post in hopes that some of you may want to join in this mindfulness journey with me. You can formulate your own posts however you want to…lots of pictures, or none; lots of thoughts, or maybe just one profound one. The main gist is to share whatever you are feeling grateful for in your life…right now; here and now; in the present. I’ve included a button as well, so if you’re interested, you can grab a button and link back to each week’s post. So let’s begin, shall we?:.

I too think a gratitude post is a lovely way to start the week. Thanks Lisa for the suggestion. 

I hope you have a lovely week. Thanks for reading. xxoo Julie


  1. "Beauty and simplicity surround us all the time and are things that I try to embrace as often as I can slow down to see." I love this... how so very true.
    Primulas are one of my favourite winter annuals. They are so cheerie.
    Look at all of those lemons. I am hoping my wee snippet of a lemon tree will bear fruit like that one day.

  2. Saw the picture of the bread dough rising on the floor in front of the you have a dog??It wouldn't have lasted a minute there in my house!

  3. Visiting from Rhondas blog, delicious looking bread and agree taking the time to feel grateful is a wonderful exercise.

  4. Loving your winter flowers..oh what I would do for winter flowers in the garden. And that lemon tree, just lovely.

    Wishing you a lovely week Julie.

  5. Gorgeous post. Loving your home made bread must try to bake some. My daughter is a coeliac I've always struggled to bake a good gluten free bread for her. Lovely winter flowers. Great positive start to the week:) nx

  6. So many lovely things to be grateful for, Julie:) So pleased for you that you've had more readers coming here. It's such a beautiful place to hang out at as is your IRL nest:) xxx

  7. Oh I love your flower photos!
    Lovely post Julie.
    And congratulations for the link from Down to Earth. I enjoy reading her too.