Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Lounge Room Area

A friend was asking me where we have moved our bookcase to, so I thought it was easier to do a post showing it.

The bookcase was only going to be here temporarily, but I decided I actually like it better in this spot. Our family is also looking at the books more now because it is closer to where we sit in the night time to have a little relax together.

Our lounges are getting a little old. I am looking for some large cream cotton blankets at the moment to throw over them.

You can see the lap top computer in the background which is where I sit to write these posts. I would love to see where you sit to write your posts. If you wish to post about it, please leave a link in my comments section below. I have now put a Country Style calendar above the computer. I would love some decorating ideas. Maybe my lovely friend Kim H could do a post on study/computer areas (actually I think she may have already done so). If you have Kim, could you please leave a link here in the comments?  Kim is an Interior Design Consultant. She is passionate about all things home/nest. Kim is just beginning the process of building a new home which she likes to call her nest. If you'd like to follow the progress of her home/nest building you can at Feather and Nest.


  1. I absolutely love the open space and the lighting. I could really relax in that space but still feel a part of the kitchen too.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth.

      Yes, I love that I can be in the kitchen and still see everything else that is happening. xxoo

  2. Ohhh thanks, Julie:) I love where you've put the bookcase. Looks great and way more spacious in the lounge room section. OK, well I'm off to find my link on study areas for you xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Kim. I'm off to have another look. xxoo

  4. What a lovely open space you have here the amount of light that this room gets :)

  5. This looks like such a comfy place to relax.