Saturday, June 2, 2012


Walking out into the lounge room this morning it was lovely seeing the beginning of our tidy bookshelves. I had more to work on but I had made a huge start yesterday.

I made my breakfast of porridge with filtered water, almond milk and raisins.

While this was cooking I prepared tomorrow's porridge, rolled oats, raisins and filtered water, and placed this in the fridge to soak overnight.

My breakfast ready to eat with a bit of local, raw honey on top and more almond milk. I often put walnuts on top too.

 It was so lovely sitting beside our wood fire, gazing out at this beautiful view and listening to the rain on our roof.

I took some of  our indoor plants outside to soak up the lovely rain. This is a new plant and I'm going to train it to go around the heart.

Three boxes of books were put into the back of the 4WD and taken to our local library. The ladies there were very happy to see me.

When I arrived home it was time for a pot of earl grey tea. I also enjoy dandelion tea. The pot of tea and the oil burner are simple little things, but they really add enjoyment to my day.

I am a little hesitant to show you this next photo, because it is very embarrassing, but here it is...... our very cluttered and disorganised bookshelf, also the unpainted wall.

BUT, I am very proud to show you our new, organised bookshelf.......ta da. I have moved it against another wall so we can paint the previous wall next weekend. After moving it, however, I think I prefer it on the new wall. I'll show you more photos later when it's all finished.

So, there you have it. This is what I got up to today. I'd love to hear how you spent your Saturday.

I'll leave you with a quote by KC from the 'Little Homestead in the Desert' blog. She did a guest post on Kim's blog 'Mothering with Mindfulness' a couple of days ago that I really enjoyed:

".......stuff is just stuff. And stuff takes up precious space and creates clutter. With clutter comes chaos and with chaos comes stress."

 I have put this quote up on my wall to remind me why I'm taking the time to declutter. Thank you KC for these inspirational words and thank you Kim for inviting KC to do a guest post on your blog. 


  1. It looks great Julie, a day well spent!!!

    Thanks for the shout out, I really appreciate it, so happy you found some inspiration in KC's post.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Julie, I am blown away by your progress. Great job. I am sure you blessed the library and many patrons with your extra books.

    I have a small booklet called Decluttering as a Spiritual Activity by Donna Schaper. It is short and sweet and a booster to me at times. One of my favorite quotes from it is,"Make some space that is like that clear day on which you can see forever. "

    Keep up the hard work and then enjoy those well deserved tea breaks.

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth. I really appreciate your kind comments.

      Thank you also for the quote. It is a great one. xxoo

  3. I'm so glad my words were helpful to you! I wrote them while I was still on the high of having cleaned out those boxes! Well done on getting ride of 4 boxes of books!

  4. Hey! I missed this post somehow. So I see the bookshelf but which wall is it now on? Is that closer to the lounge on the glass doors side of the house?