Sunday, March 11, 2012


A couple of new purchases for me today. I don't do this very often, but once in a while, I think that's OK. 

I have been eyeing off the baskets in our local wholefoods shop for ages. Today I purchased this one. I can think of many uses for it, so it will be put to good use in our home. 

The book I have been waiting for is on sale. I finally purchased my copy. It is such a beautiful book, filled with gorgeous pictures and lots of inspiration.

I can picture myself reading this book, in a hammock, enjoying the autumn sunshine. Then re-reading it, just in case I missed something, in front of our wood fire this winter. 


  1. I like the bakset, what home can't use a lovely basket???

    Your book looks wonderful!!! I may have to look for this one myself. Thanks for sharing :)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  2. Both the book and the basket look lovely. You are kind of scaring me, though, Julie. Not even spring here yet and you are talking of autumn!!! Slow down, lady:)

    1. Hi Kika. In Australia it is autumn now. Our seasons are worked out by the months, so on the 1st March it is our 1st day of autumn. So I thought it would be spring where you are. Does your spring start on the spring equinox?