Sunday, March 11, 2012


Brown rice and lentils soaking. These will be cooked and frozen in small batches ready to use during the week.

Enjoying calendula flowers picked from our garden.

Enjoying the sunshine.

Appreciating this picture, given to my husband from his grandmother, when he was born, 43 years ago.

Loving Heather's idea of making bread dough in a large bowl. That way you can knead the dough in the bowl, keeping flour off your kitchen bench. It makes cleaning up so much easier.

I sat out the back today with the warm sun on my back. While sitting there I noticed the blue flowers against the blue sky. Very pretty.

I also love the look of the occasional white cloud with the blue sky. The colours of nature, you can't beat them.

Remembering that it is autumn, my favorite time of the year. 

Thinking of my blogging friends in the northern hemisphere, where it is now spring. I hope the sun is bringing some gentle warmth to you.  

My lunch today, chickpeas, greens, avocado, tomatoes, olives, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice with freshly ground pepper. Yum! I am loving having the greens growing in containers near our back door. It makes me more inclined to use them as they are so close at hand.

Organising a new recipe folder.

The finished loaf of bread. This is the softest, nicest bread I have made so far.

Feeling gratitude for family and friends, blogging friends and other friends, both near and far.

Noticing this video.  I hope I'm that fit and flexible at 95. I love this lady's home too, simplicity, beauty and comfort.

Loving the slowness of a Sunday, yet productive too.

Enjoying the music wafting through our house.

I hope your Sunday was enjoyable too. 


  1. Your bread looks so beautiful, be proud! I am taking Heathers Whole Food course and am lovin it!!!! I just bought some black beans and am going to soak them tonight, do you just soak them in water or do you add an acidict to it? Thank you, April.

  2. Hi April. I just soak my beans in water. I am going to try adding a little apple cider vinegar to the water in the last stages of cooking to break down protein chains and indigestible compounds. You can also use brown rice or white wine vinegar. I hope this helps. Thank you for visiting April. xxoo

    1. Thankyou for your advice, I decided to wait until tonight before soaking, I too will use a bit of apple cider vinager in the last cooking stages. I am thinking of enrolling in the Candian School of Natural Nutrition, so it is exciting to hear of your enrollment in the Intergative Nutrition program...I am leaning more towards CSNN for I have a degree in business and need more nutrition/science education, It is a hard choice between the two, so I am eager to hear your take on it. Thank you, April.

  3. I am the opposite April. I studied nutrition at university and have no business education. Kika at is currently studying with CSNN. I will be discussing my course on my blog from time to time. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments or you can email me: