Saturday, February 25, 2012

Don't you just love it when......'re out shopping (which I don't do very often as I don't like shopping) and you find something that you have needed for a long time?...... It's just what you've been looking for.

Well, this happened to me yesterday. I was in Bunnings looking for some fairy lights when I spotted some timber chairs that we had been wanting. We had some cheap fold up chairs and they were breaking one at a time. We only had one left and when we wanted to sit out the back we had nothing to sit on, except for this one chair to share between the four of us. It was a little embarrassing when visitors arrived too. We kept borrowing my mum and dad's spare chairs which was a pain.

Not any more....we now have six brand new timber chairs......four out the back and two out the front. This makes one mum very happy and the dad and boys too.

Here are the ones out the back......

I love this table too. Our 11 year old son made it with the help of our neighbour. The top is made from recycled fence palings and the legs were cut by our neighbour from a tree that had fallen to the ground. The table isn't quite finished, it needs to be braced. It was meant to be Josh's wood working table. I think he might need to make another one as it looks perfect just where it is. Don't you think so? 

The chairs out the front. Maybe I should have watered after I took the photos.

Our first camellia for the year.....


Notice the heart shape of this one.....


  1. Okay just a little bit jealous of the fact you are sitting outside with flowers blooming...we are still covered in snow. Can I come and visit :)

    Love the chairs, they look great. I vote the table stays, it is far too nice to be a wood working table.

  2. Yes Kim you can come and visit and can I come and visit you to see the snow?

    Thank you for your comments on the chairs and table. :) xxoo