Saturday, April 28, 2012


Flowers delivered to us from a neighbour. 

Photos taken on my morning walk. This view is out the front of our house. I love the blue colour of the mountains.

 I also love this tree next door to us.

I was so pleased I had my camera with me this morning when I spotted this magpie having a bath.

A lovely camelia.

I love trees with the blue sky in the background.

I love this driveway and the trees lining it.

I love horses.

 Another cute driveway.

It isn't often we see a car like this going down our road.

This is our house.

 The back of our house.

Some of our flowers.

 Father and son having a chat beside the fire.


  1. I love the things that surround you on your morning walks. Being outside and seeing all the lovely colors and shapes soothes me every time.

  2. Beautiful. I want to live where you live! Those "blue" mountains are superb. I've been taking photos of the sky through the trees lately, not sure why - the contrast and colours appeal I think :) Thanks for sharing your photos xx