Monday, May 28, 2012

"It is possible to move a mountain

 by carrying away small stones."    Chinese Proverb

This is my quote for the week.  I'm putting it up around the house as a reminder.

Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed at all the things I need, and I want, to accomplish, so I'm putting this up as a reminder this morning. One stone at a time. One step at a time. Baby steps.

Setting my intentions for the day. Working mindfully. Breathing. Pausing. Remembering what is important. Reminding myself of this quote.

Also remembering this quote by Rhonda Hetzel:

"Housework never ends, so don't try to finish it."

What I don't get done can always be done tomorrow. Just let it be. Let it go.

Have a lovely week.

xxoo Julie


  1. Yes, great quote, Julie. Our building starts today and I so need to be reminded of the small steps rather than the mountain of climbing ahead:)

    Love your photo of the pretty dangly lights down the cupboard. Are they new? Love them:) xx

  2. We've had the fairy lights for a few months. One set hangs down over the wall unit near the table, the other set drapes around the kitchen window. I love them. They give a nice soft light and create a lovely atmosphere. We turn them on every night.

    Wow, your new nest gets underway today. Good luck with it all. xxoo