Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gardening - Recipe - Exercise

We are saving our milk cartons at the moment, cutting the tops and bottoms off them and then planting seeds in them. Three or four seeds are going into each one. The best seedling will then be kept and the weaker ones cut off. When strong enough they will go in the ground as is, the carton will be lifted slightly which acts as a barrier from snails and unfavorable weather. As the seedlings get bigger the carton will carefully be slid out.

The seedlings in the wine barrel are growing well.

Last nights dinner, Vegetarian Lasagne. Into the blender goes tomatoes (skin included), leeks, garlic, broccoli, grated pumpkin, kale, parsley and tomato paste. Once blended fussy eaters do not know all the goodness they are eating.  A win for mum. I also put legumes in but I don't blend these. We also have this sauce over pasta. Yum.

Josh and I have been having a lovely time outside this week. I rake up horse manure, he rides our pony around. I love this kind of exercise as it's productive as well.

Milo (the pony) "Do you have any more apple for me Josh?" She is such a funny thing, full of character.

I have been putting the horse manure around our citrus trees. Two to go, then it's the apple trees and finally the vege garden.

I loved this post over at Feather and Nest today. Kellie's comment about her favorite feathering things being her children,, and the reasons for this, bought a tear to my eye and reminded me about the most important things in my husband and children. They are so precious to me. Thank you so much guys for being in my life. I love you with all my heart always. xxoo


  1. Your pasta sauce sounds delish! And what a fabulour idea for your seeds/seedlings, love it!

    Didn't know you had a pony...very cool. I have just mentioned to my hubby that a donkey might be a nice addition to our home. I still have some sweet talking to do :)

  2. Thank you Kim.

    A donkey sounds like a lovely idea. Do you know if they make much noise? xxoo

  3. Hi Julie,
    love that you have now introduced me to this gorgeous blog of yours. I'm off to have a peek around. Thanks for the sharing and for the lovely comments.

    Happy weekend.

    Kellie. xo

    1. Thank you for YOUR lovely comments Kellie. You have made my day.

      Happy weekend to you too. xxoo