Monday, January 2, 2012

Green Smoothies are Great

Other than water, a green smoothy would have to be my favorite drink.

A green smoothy makes me feel happy and healthy.  It is full of vitamins and minerals.

I usually have a green smoothy for either morning or afternoon tea each day. I enjoy the taste of it and after drinking my green smoothy I feel revitalised, ready to take on anything.

What do I put in my green smoothy, you may ask? In mine goes kale or spinach, frozen bananas, an orange and a dash of filtered water. Just a little bit of water for a thick smoothy and more water if you want a thinner one. Then just blend it all up.

 You may be thinking, like I was before trying one for the first time, that it would taste disgusting, but let me assure you it doesn't.

Along with the "greens" you can put in any fruit you like, but I would always put in some frozen banana as the banana  makes the smoothy nice and creamy. If you don't like the taste you could add some stronger tasting fruit like pineapple.

Here is a great smoothy to start with.  It contains:
1 kale leaf - stalk removed ( it is good to start small while you get use to the "green" taste.)
1 orange
1 frozen banana
1 nectarine ( as they are in season, where I live, at the moment).


  1. I have to say, Julie, that it looks so very inviting next to those gorgeous flowers! Hmmm...I've never been one for vegie juice. Wimp I know. Wheatgrass is supposed to be so good for us too, but I just don't think I can do it. Good for you, guzzling it down!!!

  2. I also love green smoothies- I put avocado, kale, banana, rice or coconut milk and a touch of honey in ours. yum! xo m.

  3. Thanks for this idea ecoMILF. I must try it. xxoo