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I have moved + some great news!

I have a new blog. You can view it here.

Pop on over to hear some great news for all of us!

xxoo Julie

Sunday, November 25, 2012

my priorities this summer

my family and friends

our health and happiness

drinking lots of filtered water


our home

spending lots of time in, on and beside the water

Last summer I spent a lot of time hand watering our vegetable garden. I would be out there watering while the boys were swimming at the beach. I felt annoyed that I was doing this, while they were having fun. It was my decision to do it, but I was still annoyed. 

NOT this summer. This summer I'm going to be in the water with them.

A few weeks ago I made a decision to leave the vege garden for now. My hubby has some things planted and he is watering those, plus the things I had already planted. The thing is, we can't do everything. We can try, but it will leave us exhausted. This was a huge decision for me, but I'm finding with the studying I'm doing, that it was all too much. It was hard to let go, but for the sake of my health and happiness, I needed to. Instead, I have a few veges and herbs planted in pots and I will extend this a little bit. I 'm also buying fresh, local, organic veges from some friends that have recently started their own business growing organic veges. It's the perfect solution, for me, now, at this point in time. 

What are your priorities at this time of the year?

Is there any thing you could let go of at the moment? Are you trying to do too much?

We only have one life, and we deserve to make it the best life, for us, that we can imagine. 

The photo above is of our little 20 foot trailer sailor. She has been in our garage over winter. The boys launched her into our local river this morning ready for some summer fun. I met them out there and had a paddle in the water and did some yoga  onboard our little girl. The perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. 

This afternoon it will be study, study, study as I have an exam this week for my course. 

Take care,

love Julie xxoo

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Today I just needed to leave my never-ending mental list of jobs at home and to hit the beach. The beach has been calling me for a while and I've been ignoring it, but today I decided to just take a break and go. It was very windy, but good anyway. Just feeling the sand under my feet and paddling in the water......sweet, sweet, bliss. I'm pleased I took some time out to go.

You can see how windy it was by my hair. I'm feeling very brave including such a closeup of my wrinkly 45 year old face. They're laughter lines actually. However, there are no secrets here, it's all real! And, as Louise Hay says, we need to love ourselves just the way we are. 

And a heart, just for YOU!

After the beach I hit the shops for a little retail shopping, including some Christmas presents. Actually it was just one shop and this was followed by an ice cream. Yum!

Now, I'm back at home feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

What have you been up to today?

xxoo Julie

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Free Movie-"You Can Heal Your Life"

The movie "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay is now on You Tube and you can watch it for free!

It is the full version of the movie!

I have watched the movie more than once and it is fantastic. 

I hope you enjoy it.

xxoo Julie